Honey product with Pollen & Propolis 250gr


Honey is one of the most nutrient rich foods. It contains more than 70 different substances. It strengthens and energises your body, regulates your metabolism, disinfects and regulates the digestive system, and strengthens the clarity of the mind.

Propolis is useful for its antimicrobial, antibiotic, antiseptic, vulnerary, antioxidant, and antiviral action.

Pollen is an excellent nutritional supplement, as it is rich in proteins, vitamins, essential amino acids, hormones, enzymes, carbohydrates, and trace elements. It strengthens the body and contributes to the growth of children prone to illness.


Attention: Individuals with asthma, who are allergic to pollen and bee stings, and pregnant women should avoid the use of propolis and apiculture products!

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