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Chamomile has been well known since antiquity for its powerful antiseptic action. It has significant antipyretic and antiallergic properties, while it improves the function of our immune system.

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Chamomile contains essential oil, flavonoids, coumarins, choline, tannins, and mucins. It also contains silicon, calcium, magnesium, and potassium phosphates.

It is well known for its stress relieving properties, which help calm the nerves and relieve intense emotional charge. It is used against insomnia. It is a sedative for stressful situations, migraines, neuralgia, and dizziness. It is beneficial to hyperactive and restless children. It is also an antispasmodic.

It invigorates the immune system. It has been proven that it may increase white blood cell production, which in turn improves the function of our immune system.

It has antipyretic, antiallergic, and disinfecting properties. That is why it has strong antiseptic and anti-irritant action. It is used in a variety of inflammations — eyes, skin, intestine, mouth ulcers, gingivitis — and gastrointestinal infections.

It may relieve bloating and the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome.

It also relieves teething and rheumatic pains. It increases the appetite in cases of anorexia.

It lowers blood sugar levels and increases glycogen storage capacity in the liver, helping manage the hyperglycaemic symptoms of Diabetes.

External application of chamomile infusions works on skin conditions, acne, skin irritations, and fungal infections.

It helps heal wounds, burns, and soothes eczemas.

It removes dark circles and swelling from the eyes.

NOTE: The above information is not medical advice, nor should it replace expert medical healthcare advice. It is provided for informational purposes alone. Do not stop following any other medical healthcare recommendations without first consulting your doctor.

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