Hand Cream with Early Harvest Olive Oil and Provitamin B5 75ml


The combination of early harvest olive oil with almond oil, pot marigold extract, and a natural biosaccharide, captures the natural moisture of the skin, relieving even dry, cracked, and chapped hands.

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Early harvest olive oil, due to its high content in polyphenols, flavonoids, vitamins, minerals, and trace elements, is one of nature’s products that are most beneficial for our health, with softening and moisturising properties.

Pot marigold contains saponines, carotenoids, sterols, flavonoids (substances with properties that are beneficial to the skin), and essential oils. It is especially helpful in treating mild skin irritations due to cold air and sudden changes in temperature.  It is recommended for dry and sensitive skin types. It heals insect bites, cuts, and wounds.

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