Halkidiki Variety Green Olives with Oregano & Lemon

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Green olives with lemon, organic oregano, and extra virgin olive oil. Vacuum packed, light, and easy and safe to carry!

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Green olives are harvested in September. The olives are collected by the nuns of the Holy Convent by hand from the trees, carefully and one at a time, so as not to damage them. They are then sorted according to size and quality, washed, and placed in large barrels, which are filled with brine. The olives remain in these barrels until they are debittered and all fermentations are complete. Then, a variety of herbs and aromatics are added to mix the flavours and imbue them with aromas while they are being prepared. This is how the various wonderful flavours of green olives are created.

The green olives of the Convent of Ormylia are a completely natural product, with no added chemical ingredients. They are not pasteurised and, therefore, their fermentation may continue after they have been packaged. They stay firm and crunchy, and preserve their rich nutrients. It is this uniqueness that imbues them with their singular flavour.

The nuns of the Holy Convent implement the ISO 9001 & 22000 quality assurance systems in all food production and disposal procedures.

Olives are well known as a great source of monounsaturated fatty acids. Furthermore, they provide fibre and minerals to our body and they are a source of vitamin E, which is a natural antioxidant. It is also believed that vitamin E protects cell membranes from damage and fights osteoporosis.

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Nutritional information

Ενέργεια: 164 Kcal/100g
Ενέργεια: 678 Kj/100g

Λιπαρά: 15,2 g/100g
εκ των οποίων:
κορεσμένα: 2,5 g/100g
Υδατάνθρακες: 5,4 g/100g
εκ των οποίων
σάκχαρα: 0,8 g/100g
Πρωτεΐνες: 1,4 g/100g
Αλάτι: 3,8 g/100g


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