Our Daily Report to God


Looking back in time, over the span of centuries up to the present day, every person, within the depths of his soul, aches at the loss of commun-ion with God in Paradise. Because of that, no man can truly rest while here on earth. One desires the fruit of the Fall; another awaits the resurrection of the dead; all are in search of finding our lost homeland – our communion with God.
The way of restoring that communion is what Elder Aimilianos desired to experientially impart in his talk Our Daily Report to God which he gave to students of the Polytechnical University of Xanthi, Greece, on 18 March 1984.
It is our hope that the inspired teaching of the Elder will encourage and strengthen the readers in their attempt to move nearer to God.

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Holy Convent of the Annunciation

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Holy Convent of the Annunciation, Ormylia



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Η αναφορά μας προς τον Θεόν